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Taqueria Seta is the newest Mexican restaurant in Poblacion, Makati. Poblacion, Makati or simply Poblacion is now known to be a new nightlife district. After office hours, people flock in droves to colorful, one off and new establishments in dimly lit and narrow streets. It feels strange and exciting to see bars and restaurants of all kinds between older homes and brand new buildings such as the towering hotels that cater to travelers. You can see a sidewalk barbecue next to a posh bar with neon lighting and this opposite goes all the way to out of town explorers walking around in tank tops and slippers off to casual bars alongside people dressed to kill going to the next door bar. Its interesting to see what Poblacion has become but even more interesting to know what is was.

Poblacion started as one of Makati city’s very first settlements. Proof of this is how close it is the the city government or Makati City hall in nearby JP Rizal Street. Even more interesting to younger readers is the famous Rockwell Power Plant Mall used to be an actual thermal power station established in 1954 that would supply electricity to Poblacion and the rest of Makati until it stopped operations in the late 1980s. Poblacion also is home to Makati’s “red light” district in the famous P. Burgos street. P. Burgos used to be a strip of colorful adult entertainment businesses but now this too has been disrupted by bars and restaurants sandwiched in between to give diners and bar goers a really unique experience. The absolute irony is that P. Burgos or Padre Jose Burgos is a very famous Catholic priest who was one fo three martyred priests (GOMBURZA) during the colonial area for his nationalist and reformist views.

What was a sleepy downtown changed overnight with large developments such as the Century City cluster and famously the Rockwell area with its mall surrounding the old area with something brand new and modern. Having changed forever Poblacion has given rise to many foodie establishments driven by chef personal projects. Turned away from high mall rent, many chefs have put up one of a kind concepts in Poblacion that allow them to make full use of their creativity and passion. This is the reason we at Taqueria Seta chose to locate our new Mexican restaurant in Poblacion. We found a jewel of a location, an old home complete with iron gates and window grates. To keep our al fresco first floor area cool, we have four large cut outs, six fans and high ceiling to maximize air circulation and invite the breeze in. We painted the walls with combinations of typical Mexican iconography and murals to create a festive and authentic atmosphere.

We are ver happy to be part of Poblacion Makati, a vibrant district that that both stayed historical and has evolved. It has kept its charm but has jumped headfirst into modernity spurred by the times.