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Hola Amigas and Amigos!

They say that cooking any foreign cuisine means a lot of adaptation or rather substitution. Food developed with the ingredients that are available in their area of origin. The issue with that is there will be subtle or perhaps not too subtle differences as chefs attempt to recreate the flavor, more often than not something is lost in the translation. Take for example lime juice is substituted with vinegar – its just not the same.

Though we have great admiration for our fiery local chilis such as sili labuyo we find that to make the best Mexican food in Makati that we need to go a step further.

Thats right. We import our chili. From Mexico. And we import peppers too.

A lot of reviewers and guests have mentioned we are spicier than other Mexican restaurants in a good way. The way our heat caresses the tip of the tongue is different, it is a more pronounced, sharp experience that doesn’t overpower but rather tickles. You should try our wonderful Mexican tacos in maize flour or corn tortilla shares to feel what we are saying.

Believe us it would be cheaper and easier to make to with locally available ingredients but where is the fun or authenticity in that? We go through great lengths to fly in our own Mexican chili and pepper because we believe in serving only the very best and authentic Mexican cuisine in Poblacion, Makati. Almost everything we serve uses chili.

PS. If on the odd chance you find our food too spicy – first, wash each bite down with our beer, we recommend Corona and we also have San Miguel beer buckets at really great prices or just tell your server to have the kitchen tone it down a little bit. Just a little bit, we all love excitement in our lives.

Our Mexican peppers are not always in season and so they are not on the menu. Ask your friendly Taqueria Seta server if there is a batch available for an off menu special.